The Brief:

The brief was to engage a younger, culturally active audience for their new season of exhibitions and events; Syria: A Conflict Explored. 

The Idea:


To attract this new audience, we needed to re-align the Imperial War Museum as a cultural destination for young people looking to gain a balanced understanding of conflicts throughout history and their continued impact on people’s lives.


Playing on a cultural tension felt by this group of ‘culture vultures’, we put a spotlight on the unreliability of contemporary news sources when trying to build a balanced and comprehensive view of issues as vast and complex as the conflict in Syria.

The Film:


Via a series of videos hosted on social media and IWM’s website, we put our target audience centre stage to find out what they knew and where they’d heard it. The resulting muddled and uncertain stories reinforced the museum’s position as a destination for those looking to gain a balanced understanding of the war in Syria.




This project involved managing a tight budget and working closely with a creative team to come up with an idea, which was achievable within the budget and timeframe. I sourced a journalist/interviewer to work up several questions relating to our treatment, who interview the general public. I also sourced and managed a skeleton crew, consisting of a self shooting director, a sound operator, an interviewer and some runners who were approaching the general public to be interviewed.