The Brief:


To create a B2B sales film that could be used across their business and which embodied ‘Ticket Master’s brand values, celebrated their 40th anniversary, and inspired clients to imagine the incredible live events the next 40 years might bring. 


This project required working closely with a creative team, a film production house and a film director to pull together a treatment, storyboard and script. While managing all aspects of the budget, a large part of the project was to liaise with multiple venues and organise all the logistics to gain access to the required venues, areas and talent to create each piece. We filmed in over 10 venues to capture all the required footage and worked with a pool of actors to create the required scenes. Working closely with the director, editor, creative and the client, directly after the final shoot, the film was edited within 3 days.


Client Response:


"The ability to tell this more emotive story for our clients was delivered in a way that we haven’t done before, and the film was so powerful that we opened our first Ticketmaster Client Summit with it to great effect. It has been used in several markets around the world as a B2B sales tool already and has been highly effective in both external and internal reminders of why, 40 years on, we strive to be the best in what we do for our clients and for ourselves."  




The film was awarded Bronze in the B2B category at the 2017 Brand Film Festival.