The Brief: 

The brief was to create a new kind of fundraising event, that will encourage further, committed and new support for Save the Children’s emergency work through increasing donor’s understanding of the work carried out, and the effect it has on children’s lives.

The Experience:


We created a 45-minute innovative 3D binaural sound experience, that told the real stories of displaced children in evocative environment’s that were designed from documentation of the places that the children involved had experienced. Each guest moved through a series of emotive spaces listening to the voices of children through wireless headphones (translated and record by English child actors).




Working closely with a creative team and Save The Children, I lead on production from venue sourcing to final delivery of the live event. Pre-production took 3 months and consisted of sourcing and working closely with a script writer and director, who painstakingly scoured through several real life accounts of children from war stricken countries, to create a 45 minute experience. Using the script I sourced a venue, which allowed us to create a journey that flows through the venue reliving these accounts. Production also consisted of sourcing, briefing and working closely with sound designers and a set design team. We also held auditions for the child actors and recorded the binaural experience for a week in the venue, a month ahead of the events. I managed the installation, live events and de-rig which consisted of 3 days of live events, 6 live events a day, with 25 members in each live showing.



“It was both compelling and emotional in equal measure. I’ve never seen a group of people rendered so speechless all at once.” 


“I was not the only one to have tears in my eyes at the end and couldn't speak for the first few minutes because of the lump in my throat. It is appalling to think it was all based on real life and real stories. I am sure we must have all have left determined to do more to help the cause.” 


“I learned a lot about your work and it made me proud (and even more committed!) to be a long-term supporter of Save the Children.”



The experience was nominated and high commended in The Game Changer category by Event Magazine at the 2016 Event Awards.